Fast is fast...

Rather than try and recap what i've been up to since my last very long ago post here, instead I'll just begin as if the last two years haven't just wizzed by without anything new to say.

Second winter has indeed begun here in the mid-atlantic region

Undoubtely this makes it a perfect time to get a new bike, isn't it? This is what happens when you get a new bike but the roads are still snow covered

Yes, you ride the trainer for 4 hours while your sparkling clean, new, and very fast bicycle sits in the corner patiently. The saving grace from that long turbo session is that I knew that I was going to ride her, outside, the next day.

Fast is fast and the Cannondale SystemSix is a very fast bicycle I am delighted to say. I plan on following up with a complete breakdown on why I chose this bicycle and how I set it up. But until then, here she is...