Where Has the Time Gone?

Where Has the Time Gone?

It's been two months since my last post. A lot has transpired. Life, family, work, and training have all been in cahoots, keeping me from contributing to the life of this blog. When someone says to me, "I don't have the time to [fill in the blank]", I always respond "make the time". So, i'm heeding my own advice and making the time to put digital ink to digital paper.

First off, I've been upgraded to a CAT 3 Road now.

The way USA Cycling tallied up my points was unusual but none-the-less, I knew I had enough points after a bunch of wins and top fives this season that an upgrade was inevitable. That said, I'm kinda sad to leave the CAT 4 without winning a State Championship jersey. I was hoping to contest the Jersey Devil course this August for the jersey as a CAT 4 but now I'll have to try as a CAT 3. I like my chances, let's just see how the legs hold up this late into the season.

Second, I ponied up for a time trial bike.

Special thanks to Jason Fenton from Halter's Cycles for staying late the Friday evening before my first race the next morning on this new bike. The Cannondale Slice isn't the most aero or sexy looking time trial bike but it certainly is the most comfortable. It practically rides like a road bike in terms of ride quality.

Third, my wife (Rebecca) and I have started photographing the races and we're offering the photos for sale at bikerace.pics.

It's been great having her come out and see me race. She's having tons of fun and we're getting some great shots. I'm looking forward towards the Fall for cyclocross season so I can photograph more myself.

Lastly, the racing season is marching towards an end. There are only a handful of races that are open or that I'm interested in entering. The final big one is that New Jersey State Championship Road Race coming August 7th. Then there are a couple of time trials, including the New Jersey State Championships that I'll give a go as well. After that, I'll be waiting for Fall weather and riding to arrive.