The Lap Button

The Lap Button

I'm going to rant on a pet peeve on mine...and that is about the Lap button.

You see, just about every cycle computer and GPS tracking smart phone application has this concept of the "lap". Every time you hit the Lap button, the current lap ends and a new lap begins. Some people use it for running around a 400m track for each "lap" they go around. Others use it to mark different sections of a ride. The Garmin Edge cycle computers even have an auto-lap function which will automatically create a new lap at specified intervals.

I use them often when I'm following a pre-programmed workout on my Garmin Edge 520. Each interval or set starts a new lap. I also use it for race day to separate my warm-up, the race, and my cool-down. It's a beautiful little feature that keeps things neat and tidy just as my OCD mind requires. It's also one of the few buttons you find on the Garmin Edge 520 as well as other computers. So yea, I'd say it's a pretty important feature. Important enough to get it's own button.

So why then do people insist on doing this?

These are three separate rides. This is one ride, one race, with a warm-up and a cool-down. Why must you create three separate rides instead of simply hitting the Lap button? Whenever this shows up in my feed in Strava, I'm not giving you separate kudos for your warm-up and cool-down. That's just pathetic.

So please, stop the madness and the senseless extra clicking. Use the Lap button please!