Until Zwift Releases a Workout Builder

Until Zwift Releases a Workout Builder

I love Zwift, everyone that knows me knows this. Heck, I even put together a short video to show people what exactly Zwift is.

The Zwift community is great. People from all over the globe contribute to help make Zwift as great as it can be. If you want to know about rides and races check out the Zwift Rides Calendar.

Want to watch a virtual race in Zwift? Check out Nathan Guerra's Twitch channel.

Have more questions about Zwift? This FAQ should help.

All great stuff. However, let me get to the purpose of this post and that is Zwift hasn't released its custom workout builder, yet. While the list of 100+ canned workouts in-game are getting lots of use, I suspect that many people, like me, find that the workouts don't fit with their current structured training plan. So what do I do in the meantime?

I'm using iMobileIntervals on my iPad to control my Wahoo KICKR while riding Zwift. iMobileIntervals website allows me to create custom workouts which I load into the mobile app which then controls my KICKR in ERG mode. The workout builder is simple to use but it's very basic and does not allow you to build repeating blocks. You have to input each step. This becomes a problem when the number of steps gets large and the website becomes almost unusable. The way I get around this is to build the workout outside of the site and then import the .ERG file.

The CompuTrainer .ERG file is a simple text file that specifies the minutes and watts for a workout. You can use any text file editor to create one or edit one. Here's a sample:

Here's a video showing the basics of editing a .ERG file.

Now editing these by hand is tedious and is error prone. So, I found two other ways to create .ERG files. The first is using the ErgDB website to build a workout and generate a .ERG file. The editor here is very simple and gets the job done. However, I did find an easier and better way to create custom workouts.

PerfPRO Analyzer has an ERG/MRC Workout Editor that provides a quick and easy way to build custom workouts.

You can add descriptions for each step and group steps into multiple sets. What I like about this little program is that you can create a template as a base and then build workouts from it all day long. To get this utility, you need to purchase PerfPRO Analyzer for $69.99. You do get a free 14-day trial though.

Using this utility, I've built workouts for the next few weeks and attached the .ERG file to my planned workouts in TrainingPeaks. When i'm ready to workout, I open the TrainingPeaks app on my iPad, open the attached .ERG file (paperclip link) and share it with the iMobileIntervals app. The iMobileIntervals app imports the .ERG file and loads it as a workout which is ready to use!