Recovery Rides are Silly

Recovery Rides are Silly

Now that I've been training with power for the past five months and have fully embraced the Zone 1 recovery ride I've come to the conclusion that they are downright retarded. I mean, who gets on a full carbon road bike (full carbon and made out of carbon) with a complete kit and everything and then pedals around for 45 minutes barely breaking 15mph???

It's absurd!!!

I feel like a total douche riding around like that. I probably look like one as well so I guess it's befitting. At this point, you could substitute my full carbon and made out of carbon bike (thanks wankmeister ;) with a beach cruiser and I'd still accomplish the same thing but perhaps not feel and look as dorky. Minus the kit of course. Have to wear the helmet though, it does save lives, mine including.

It didn't take five months to figure this out. It took all but one or two rides to come to this realization once the weather went from Polar Vortex to New Jersey summer heat & humidity. In the winter, I was mostly on the trainer indoors. If I did happen to make it outside for a quick recovery ride, I'd be bundled up like the little kid brother from a Christmas Story. That wasn't so odd looking (or feeling) then since it was negative one hundred degrees outside. Ok, I exaggerated a bit but it was cold and you had to spend the extra ten minutes putting on multiple layers else you'd end up miserable, frigid, and sick.

The problem is I don't have another bike to ride either outside or inside. So I have to put my little spandex pants on and my little gloves (thanks Denis Leary ;) and cruise around going as slow as possible all the while looking like I clearly don't belong on such an advanced and expensive piece of machinery. I guess until I get a second bike, I'll have to haul the only one I have through the house, up the stairs, and onto the trainer in front of the TV and pedal softly without shame. Hey, at least I get to log some Zwift miles on the island.