I Went to Arizona and All I Got Was This Lousy Broken Shoulder

I Went to Arizona and All I Got Was This Lousy Broken Shoulder

We sprung for First Class so I would be comfortable for the journey back home. Economy seats on airlines are becoming ridiculously tight. Thank God I'm small but on a four plus hour flight jammed between the seat in front and two capriciously sized travelers to my sides, the skies ain't so friendly anymore. I haven't been so friendly lately so the thought of playing possum for an entire flight nearly across the country is simply a recipe for things to get ugly.

So I went to Arizona and all I got was this lousy broken shoulder. The pain of trying to accomplish life's everyday mundane tasks is both taxing and a little frightful. Am I ever going to regain full motion of this arm? When will the act of putting on socks not require me to rest afterwards? Who gives a two-year old an iPad?

Little shit drives me to 'roid rage. Big stuff I just let roll on down my back. I have literally smashed keyboards and phones over the tiniest things. When technology doesn't work and gets in he way rather than help me, I'm ready to go to war over it. Break into my car or fall and lose months of training and not race, eh, such is life. Those things are out of my control, I let it go. Garmin constantly fails to sync? I'm lucky a hammer isn't nearby. The big question with that one is do I smash the Garmin, the computer or iPad, or both?

Now I sit here, with my warmed nuts and actual glass of water, peering through a small portal of this aluminum tube hurling through the air at a fantasitical speed, with a stiffened arm that doesn't move very much on its own, and I'm not fixated on the injury or ready to kick in the cabin door, just as long as the Wi-Fi continues to work on this flight.